Opinions about the Travel Fund.


Participant at Soul on Top X, January 2018

«Hey guys thanks for the invites [Travel Fund support] last year. Soul on Top was blast! We had awesome time there and the vibe of the jam and organization were just perfect, not to mention the open cyphers from the first day. Stay true & V.»

Balkan Mafia from Sofia (Bulgaria) was supported with CHF 100.- and free lodging in 2017.


Participant at Soul on Top IX, January 2018

«Soul on Top was a great experience for me and my crew, Arcopom. I am really glad nowadays there are more events like Soul on Top, that help foreign crews to travel and do more international competitions. I think that is a great way to support your local, national and european scene. In 2015, we received the Travel Fund from Soul on Top, and that was very helpful. The event itself was amazing... good djs, good level, good floor, good vibes, good food, good treatment for everyone etc. that was thanks to good organizers.»

Arcopom from Granada (Spain) was supported with CHF 400.- in 2016


Participant at Soul on Top X, January 2018

«Soul on Top for me was a great experience. A really dope and well organized jam. Great venue and dope djs that creates a nice atmosphere which makes good cyphers and heated battles. Me and my crew were able to travel from Sweden to participate in this event, thanks to the Travel Fund that the organization put up. A very nice concept to make a good international jam for everyone and not only the "superstars" like in most other big events. Big up to Soul on Top, we had a great time there and hope to see you next time!»

Breakadelics from Jönköping (Sweden) was supported with CHF 200.- and free lodging in 2017.


Participant at Soul on Top IX, May 2017

«We as Last Alive, had a really good time at Soul on Top. The edition in 2016 was the first one for us, we heard before that the event was dope so we always wanted to attend, last year thanks to Travel Fund we been finally able to go! The event was one of the dopest in europe: organization, djs and judges were on point, floor was perfect and chypers were all around, definetly a real hip hop event! We suggest everyone to go and we'll try to come back every year.»

Last Alive from Lecce (Italy) was supported with CHF 400.- in 2016.


Participant at Soul on Top VI and VII, May 2015

«I've been representing at Soul on Top twice and both years were a good experience there. Always good music by dope dj's and different and experienced judges as well as good floor and a nice spot. Never forgeting about preparty with the best vibe and music. It's a competition very recommended to share sometime with your crew. They bring the opportunity to get some help with the Travel Fund (to make the event closer to those who have it more difficult to go and represent their skills) and are always very attentive. All this makes it much more enriching and inspiring. Definitely a good excuse to visit Switzerland and find a good environment to share with.»

LGDA from Granada (Spain) was supported with CHF 400.- in 2015.