Crews that have registered for Soul on Top Volume X will be added to the registered crew list in the order of registration. When the registered crew list is full, crews that register will be added to the waiting list. Crews on the waiting list will be moved to the registered crew list as soon as a spot on the registered crew list becomes available.

If you are already registered and won’t be able to participate at Soul on Top Volume X after all, please let us know, so we can make your spot available to another crew. In order to update the registered crew list, registered crews may at some later time be asked to confirm their participation at Soul on Top Volume X.

Six spaces are reserved for the crews supported by the Travel Fund. Two spaces are reserved for international crews of our choosing. If these eight spaces are not filled, they will be filled with crews on the waiting list at the start of the mainevent of Soul on Top Volume X at the very latest.

Be on time for Soul on Top Volume X. Crews that are late won’t be able to compete and will be replaced by crews on the waiting list.

Click here to register your crew: Crew Registration.


  1. Ghost Rockz (Zürich, Switzerland)
  2. Type Comics (Mesagne, Italy)
  3. PTC (Feldkirch, Austria)
  4. abCrew (Arlesheim, Switzerland)
  5. B8B (Zürich, Switzerland)
  6. Balkan Mafia (Sofia, Bulgaria) (TF:CHF100 & Lodging)
  7. Villain State of Mind (Copenhagen, Denmark) (TF:CHF150 & Lodging)
  8. Breakadelics (Jönköping, Sweden) (TF:CHF200 & Lodging)
  9. Disfunctional Art (St.Gallen, Switzerland)
  10. Ill Souls (Zürich, Switzerland)
  11. Sztewite Gang (Poland)
  12. Flowdue (Bern / Biel / Neuchâtel / Zürich, Switzerland)
  13. Skilluminated (Bern, Switzerland)
  14. Illusion Crew (Strasbourg, France)
  15. TraffikLightz (Basel, Switzerland)
  16. Colour Jam Crew (Fribourg, Switzerland)
  17. Ossun Crew (Saint-Louis, France)
  18. D.Point.C (Zürich, Switzerland)
  19. 9z Crew (Belfort, France)
  20. Tru Cru (Rastatt / Stuttgart, Germany)
  21. Malaganzters (Málaga, Spain) (TF:CHF200 & Lodging)
  22. OriginArt Crew (Brescia, Italy)
  23. Soulmates Crew (Basel, Switzerland)
  24. STRS Crew (Strasbourg, France)
  25. Soulpoint (Zürich, Switzerland)
  26. Soul Rebels Crew (Zürich, Switzerland)
  27. Assassins Crew (Stuttgart / Zürich, Germany / Switzerland)
  28. Total Feeling (Le Bourget, France)
  29. Ill Fusion (Biel / Solothurn, Switzerland)
  30. Iron City (Switzerland / Taiwan / Ukraine)
  31. The Byze (Basel, Switzerland)
  32. The Capitolz (Bern, Switzerland)
  33. Unik Breakers (Mexico City / Zürich, Mexico / Switzerland)
  34. OSJ Crew (Geneva, Switzerland)
  35. Soul Scientists (Stuttgart, Germany)
  36. The Italians (Italy)
  37. Stumble Crumble (Schwyz, Switzerland)
  38. Babybreakers (Gelterkinden, Switzerland)
  39. Good Vibes (Gelterkinden, Switzerland)
  40. Keep It Real (Mulhouse, France)
  41. TL 187 (Monthey, Switzerland)
  42. Cousins of Death (Zürich, Switzerland)
  43. Body Expression (Lörrach, Germany)
  44. Replay (Baden, Switzerland)
  45. One Shot Crew (Basel, Switzerland)
  46. Niam Baii Crew (Mulhouse, France)
  47. Skill Family (Stuttgart, Germany)
  48. Darkside (Chalon, France)

  • * TF: Travel Fund
  • * IC: International Crew of Our Choosing

    1. Morning of Owl (Korea, Switzerland)
    2. Zementas Crew (Freiburg, Germany)